Deshpnde_Keynote Speaker_ICAC2021

Abhinav Deshpande

Affiliation: Vellore Institute of Technology
Country: India
Congress: ICAC 2021



As far as the safety of a driver is concerned, more focus should be put on correct interpretation and information which is conveyed by a traffic sign, while driving a vehicle along the road. A signboard can be thought of as an emblem which disseminates important and meaningful information regarding the potential hazards prevailing among road users comprising roadways cladded with snowfall, construction worksites or repairing of roads taking place and telling the people to follow an alternative route. It alerts the person who is passing through the road about the maximum possible extremity that his vehicle is trying to achieve indicating slowing down the speed of the vehicle since chances of having collision cannot be ruled out. With the constant increasing of the training database size, not only the recognition accuracy, but also the computation complexity should be considered in designing a feasible recognition approach. The traffic sign images were acquired from the image database and were subjected to some pre-processing techniques such as the conversion of original into grayscale images, filtering the images with the help of Averaging Filter, Wiener Filter, carrying out the operation of Unsharp Mask Filtering which consists of performing the conventional method of Unsharp Mask Filtering as well as controlling the amount of sharpness with the help of certain parameters. In the future, we will concentrate on detecting, recognizing as well as classifying a particular signboard

      Abhinav Deshpande will be speaking at International Congress on Algorithm and Computation 2022 which is scheduled to happen on 11th and 12th August 2022 at Hong Kong, HKSAR