Balam Satheesh Krishna

Afflilation: Sri Venkateswara University
Country: India
Congress: ICBB2021

Focus on Drugs & Pharmaceutical in Bioinformatics Perspectives

Research and developmental studies on drug and pharmaceutical discovery are multifaceted & rewarding in general and entails technological expertise of bioinformatics. This practice poses a positive effect and fulfills the basic requirements of the design of Drugs & Pharmaceuticals. In this concern, the present keynote focusses on the importance of bioinformatics in drug discovery and development processes. In detail, it deals with the variation of medicinal properties of some important drugs and pharmaceuticals which are differed from one another by minor structural changes. This has been relied by understanding the significant protein-ligand interactions responsible for the stated activities of the selective drugs and pharmaceuticals as evidenced from bioinformatics studies.

Balam Satheesh Krishna will be speaking at International Congress on Biotechnology & Bioinformatics 2022 which is scheduled to happen on 11th and 12th August 2022 at Hong Kong, HKSAR.