Betkar M M

Afflilation: Shri Kumarswami Mahavidylaya
Country: India
Congress: ICCA2021

Studies on of Chemically Deposited EuX Thin Films

Any solid or liquid system possesses at most two dimensional order of periodicity is called ‘thin film’. The field of material science and engineering community’s ability to conceive the novel materials with extraordinary combination of chemical, physical and mechanical, properties have changed the modern society. There is an increasing technological progress. Modern technology requires thin films for various important applications. The advancements in micro-technology and the evolution of new nonmaterial and devices have been playing a key role in the development of very accurate and reliable devices. Thin film technology is the basic of astounding development in solid state electronics. The usefulness of the optical properties of metal films, and scientific curiosity about the behavior of two-dimensional solids has been responsible for the immense interest in the study science and technology of the thin films. Thin film studies have directly or indirectly advanced many new areas of research in solid state physics and chemistry which are based on phenomena uniquely characteristic of the thickness, geometry, and structure of the film. The group of europium chalcogenides EuX (EuO, EuS, EuSe and EuTe) belongs to the most intensively investigated materials europium chalcogenides for depositions and characterizations. Broad object of presentation to focus on the characteristics of europium chalcogenide thin films, deposited by spray pyrolysis technique.

Betkar M M will be speaking at International Congress on Computer Applications 2022 which is scheduled to happen on 11th and 12th August 2022 at Hong Kong, HKSAR.