Mohamed Bakhouya

Afflilation: International University of Rabat
Country: Morocco
Congress: ICBDA2021

IoT and Big Data Technologies for Context-driven Applications

Recent advances in pervasive technologies, such as wireless ad hoc networks and wearable sensor devices, allow the connection of everyday things to the Internet, commonly denoted as Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is seen as an enabler to the development of intelligent and context-aware services and applications. These services could dynamically react to the environment changes and users’ preferences. The main aim is to make users’ life more comfortable according to their locations, current requirements, and on-going activities. However, handling dynamic and frequent context changes is a difficult task without a real-time event/data acquisition and processing platform. Big data, WSN, and IoT technologies have been recently proposed for timely gathering and analysing information (i.e., data, events) streams. In this talk, we shed more light on the potential of these technologies for continuous and real-time data monitoring and processing in different real-case applications (e.g, Healthcare, energy efficient building, smart grid).

Mohamed Bakhouya will be speaking at International Congress on Big Data & Analytics 2022 which is scheduled to happen on 11th and 12th August 2022 at Hong Kong, HKSAR.