Sujata_Keynote_Speaker_ICCA 2022

Sujata Telang

Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon University
Country: India
Congress: ICCA 2021

Ethics of Technology Innovation: Reimagining The Ethical Agency in Professional Higher Education

The rising focus on innovation, especially within a highly dynamic information and communication technology (ICT, technology) eco-system of recent decades, highlights a social responsibility that rests with professional higher education. On the one hand, ICTs have proved empowering in responding to time-sensitive requirements for disaster relief. On the other, technology has struggled to take ownership and responsibility for unanticipated patterns of use leading to hijacked electoral outcomes thereby raising existential threat to established democracies. Prevailing patterns of technology innovation emphasize speed to market while, perhaps inadvertently, product development techniques undermine due diligence about sustaining a proactive thought-process about post-deployment usage scenarios and outcomes. For professional higher education programs preparing graduates to serve as agents of change, the agency for instilling proactive ethical considerations early in the innovation cycle begins in the classroom where often the entrepreneurial journeys gather momentum and commence. This keynote attempts to rationalize this scope for improvement on the curricular dimension of professional higher education, and to further explore some ameliorative avenues.

Sujata Telang will be speaking at International Congress on Computer Applications 2022 which is scheduled to happen on 11th and 12th August 2022 at Hong Kong, HKSAR.