Tanuj Sharma

Afflilation: Ferozepur College of Engineering and Technology
Country: India
Congress: ICEG2021

E- Governance-A Review

Mid unpredictable business environments, the Government of India’s Mission e-Governance,coupled with Digital India, has undergone a paradigm shift; there is new thinking on how it engages with its citizens, inter-state & inter-governmental functions. India has put its delivery of healthcare, e-Education, agricultural support, financial services and other economic and social obligations on mission-mode.

Hitachi plays a vital role in the growth of India’s digitally enabled e-Governance mission. A global leader in Social Innovation Business solution, Hitachi’s initiatives are constantly creating three value propositions by improving citizen’s social, environmental and economic values. For Hitachi, they converge into ‘Powering Good’, a society that effectively bridges the need gap between itself and the government.

Accordingly, main aim of the paper is to determining factors of e-Governance as identified in research studies published earlier. Based on the investigation of extant literature available on the subject, it has been established that technological, financial, human resource and Information privacy and security related factors are the major determinants of e-Governance. There are various challenges for the implementation of e-government in India. These challenges are like low literacy, lack of awareness, low broadband penetration, lack of system integration within a department, and all other reasons. Then the environment needs to be developed for the effective implementation of e-government in India. But in spite of all challenges India has number of award winning e-governance projects. Therefore we can say that e-Governance is the key to the “Good Governance” for all the countries across the world to minimize corruption, provides efficient and effective or quality services to their citizens.

Tanuj Sharma will be speaking at International Congress on e Governance 2022 which is scheduled to happen on 11th and 12th August 2022 at Hong Kong, HKSAR.